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A Visit from at On Guitars Shop  

Recently, visited me in the On Guitars workshop to get an insight into the elaborate process of creating custom electric guitars and electric basses.

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When the film team from entered Christoph Noe's workshop, they were enveloped in a world of creativity and music. The air was filled with the aromatic scent of wood, and the sight of the beautifully crafted instruments hanging on the walls was a testament to Christoph's artistic skill. Charismatic host Christopher Griebel, known for his keen interest in discovering hidden treasures in the city, conducted the interview. Today he was eager to reveal the secrets of mine.

During his tour of the workshop, I began by explaining the importance of handmade instruments in a time when mass production dominates the music industry. Every instrument that is created in my workshop is carefully built according to the individual wishes and needs of my customers. From the selection of the finest tonewoods to the fabrication of the intricate components, each step in the process reflects my desire to create an instrument that enters into a special relationship with its player.

As Christopher Griebel marveled at the complexity of the process, it became clear that every element of a handmade guitar or bass is carefully thought out, resulting in an instrument that surpasses its factory-made counterparts.

Through Christopher Griebel's inquisitive questions, viewers got a behind-the-scenes look at a craft where music and creativity are intertwined.

I thank the team for their interest in my craft and for introducing my work to a wider audience. It means a lot to me to promote appreciation for handmade instruments and to support local artisans.

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