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Sonic Odyssey · Dohle Bender  

In the realm of experimental sound design and modular synthesis, the Dohle emerges as an intriguing instrument, blending classical inspiration with modern ingenuity.

Crafting Tradition into Sound

The innovation of the Dohle lies not only in the fusion of tradition and experimentation, but also in the meticulous design details. The specially designed fingerboard, inspired by the elegant curvature of a cello, enormously expands the harmonic spectrum in which this stringed instrument operates. From atmospheric sound scores to tonally precise percussive tones, everything is possible with the Dohle.

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Sonic Alchemy

The Dohle's most impressive feature is its ability to produce a wide range of sounds. Equipped with the Certano Tone Bender, a unique feature that allows precise tuning adjustments by simply pressing a lever, the Dohle gives musicians the ability to shape their soundscape with unparalleled precision. The integration of a noiseless P-90 pickup ensures a full sound spectrum and adds warmth to the sound without capturing too much background noise.

Modular Synthesis Synergy

Where the Dohle truly shines is in its synergy with modular synthesizers and digital processing tools. Its responsive nature and rich harmonic character make it an ideal partner for modular setups, offering a dynamic interplay between acoustic and electronic elements that fuels endless sonic experimentation.

A Journey of Sonic Discovery

Beyond its technical innovations, the Dohle offers a versatile playing experience that transcends traditional boundaries. Whether plucked, bowed, or played percussively, its expressive range knows no bounds, inviting musicians to explore new sonic horizons with each interaction. As a vessel for sonic exploration, the Dohle beckons music nerds to immerse themselves in its intricacies, unlocking a world of sonic possibilities with every note.

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