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Fink CT Salmon Orange  



The Charlie Christian Underwound from Nick Silver pickups in the neck position produces a detailed sound with transparency and a solid bass foundation.

The Sweeney Todd in the bridge position is also from Nick Silver Pickups and hand wound. It has the right amount of twang, but without any harshness in the higher frequencies.


To get the full potential of the pickups, there is an additional 4th position that switches the neck and bridge pickups into serial mode. This results in a warm and rich tone that sounds amazing for both solo lines and rhythm sections.

One volume control and one global tone control are enough to set the perfect sound. Only high quality components like Emerson Custom CTS Style Pots and Mojotone Vitamin T Caps are used in the electronics compartment.

Hölzer & Hardware

The wood composition consists of alder for the body, maple for the neck and bog oak for the fingerboard. Due to the 5-point neck mounting with machine screws, the Gotoh Ti-TC2 bridge and the Grainger String Ferrule Block this guitar develops a massive sustain.

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Name Fink CT Aged AluminiumSilver
Scale length 25.5 inch
Frets 21
Weight 3,02 kg
Bridge Gotoh Ti-TC2 Telecaster Bridge, aged
Tuners Gotoh SD91-05M Aged Tuners 6L N

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